3: A Long Wyze From Home

This week we dig into Wyze, how we feel about strong-arms sales tactics, and keeping our smart TVs dumb. It’s Syscadia, we’re talking about random technology like the nerds we are. Grab an eggnog and join us by the fire!

If you want to get in touch, email us at show @ ourdomain. We don’t do that social stuff (well, Robin kinda does).

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2: Catty-corner from Privacy

Join Robin and Trevor for their second episode. This one is mostly focused around privacy, but we take some time to complain about Intel and scalpers too!

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1: An ARM and a Leg

The first episode of Syscadia, hosted by Trevor and Robin

We don’t really do the social thing. If you want to get in touch leave a comment or email [email protected] our domain.

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